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Arraial D’Ajuda is the ideal place for food lovers. National and international chefs have transformed the town into one of the biggest locations for multi-cultural gastronomy in Brazil.


Arraial D’Ajuda is also the home of ‘Capoeira’. This afro-brazlian art form - a ritual of martial arts, games and dance movements. Our team at Sítio São Francisco can organise lessons and advise on where to find public demonstrations of this fabulous art form.


For those of you who would like to buy gifts or souvenirs from your stay here in Arraial D’Ajuda, the town’s boutiques and galleries offer high-quality clothing, household decorations, art and tranditional handcrafts. You can find objects made with all kinds of materials, such as coconut, ceramic, adobe, stones, silver, wood and shells.

We’ve already mentioned the art galleries. Even our own Pousada is a place chosen by artists as a source of inspiration, so why not bring your own paints and canvas with you!


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